Your publication should work hard for you, we design creative layouts, choose fonts and print solutions to help develop your unique story and position you above your competition.

Social Media posters/gifs

Social media supports brand recognition and connects your existing clients and potential new clients with your business and services. Getting proactive on social media increases brand awareness and more importantly it offers the potential to grow your followers. By including an image with your post, you can increase the number of shares, retweets and likes by almost 3 times. That’s why it’s essential to have your social media supported by effective graphic design.


Infographics are a creative way to convey information quickly, clearly, boost brand awareness, and reach out to target audiences. Infographics are a powerful tool for increasing engagement, informing your clients, and converting website visitors into customers.

Specialist in branding
Your brand should be different. We work with you to develop your unique story and identity. We want your brand to make an impression in the minds of your clients, potential employees and to help you stand out from your competitors. Improving your brand will result in better company awareness, greater sales and increase profits.
Brand Workshop
There are a whole lot of reasons to take a long, hard look at your brand.

New competitors have entered your market.

You’re finding it difficult to express your brand difference.

Your customers may have changed significantly.

You’ve developed new products and services.

You’ve decided to uncouple yourself from your business partner.

You’re entering a new market.

Your company’s growth has slowed or stopped.

You’re finding it increasingly difficult to attract top talent.

Whatever the reason(s), holding a brand workshop will provide you with the insights to start to tackle these issues. The insights you gain will give you a competitive advantage that you can build on and sustain. And a powerful brand proposition to take on your competitors more effectively. It will help to align your brand more closely with your customers and make inroads into new markets. Our workshop includes brand evaluation, research, development and naming. The results will prove well worth the effort. Once we have the findings, we will interpret them and produce creative work that expresses your brand insights. This work included Brand design and Brand management guidelines.


Let potential and existing customers know about your new product launches, special offers and improvements with creative advertising. Not only will it remind current customers about your business, advertising can also help to create or develop a distinctive brand for your business.

Animated GIFs

Why use business GIFs on social? they help boost engagement, look great are mobile friendly and help your brand personality. We’ll help you to build your brand and have some fun by creating visually impactful animated GIFs.


Graphic design is probably one of the most exciting steps of your website project. This is where all the components copy, branding, brand style come together with colors, images, photography, typography and other design elements to form your new website. We can work with your web developer or we can recommend one who will take our designs and construct and code your new site.


Bothwell & Vogel developed a new brand for my business. We had a couple of initial meetings to scope out what I desired, and they delivered what I immediately recognised as an excellent result very quickly. The financial investment from my perspective was not significant, but the results were excellent. The company scored 10 out of 10 in terms of value for money.

Jim Power economics

The new brand that Bothwell & Vogel developed for me was quite simple; contained fantastic colour contrast, using just 2 colours; and in my view represents a simple but very effective brand that stands out and is immediately recognisible by my clients.
Jim Power economics
My old company brand was anemic and certainly did not stand out or send out any sort of strong message about my company. I believe the new design is very sharp, effective and suggests a simple message, but a very high level of professionalism and enhanced the credibility of my company. My business depends on my company having credibility and I believe that the brand I now have has enhanced that credibility. The new brand image has elevated my website and stationery in a very effective way and has strengthened the image, the solidity, and the trust that I want my company to be associated with.
Jim Power economics
Having a strong brand that sends out a clear message is a very important element of my business. I firmly believe that for a relatively small financial investment, my company has been elevated to a higher level, and this has contributed to strong business growth and increased revenues.
Jim Power economics